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Used in the automatic continuous production of ice cream with bar, ice-lolly or juice ice-lolly.

Working principle

The common bar products should be produced in the following six steps:

1 Pour the ice cream into the mould cup
2 Plug the bar into the ice cream
3 Freeze the ice cream in the cold salty water at -40 ℃
4 Slightly melt the surface course of the ice cream in the warm salty water at +15~25
5 Pull the ice cream out of the mould cup
6 Relieve the ice cream onto the packaging machine
During the transportation procedure from pulling out to relieving, the chocolate course can be coated on the surface of the ice cream. When the ice cream is coated with chocolate, the dried fruits can also be coated on the surface.

During the transportation procedure from pulling out to relieving, the chocolate course can be coated on the surface of the ice cream. When the ice cream is coated with chocolate, the dried fruits can also be coated on the surface. 

Capability Fat 10%
The capability of typical products is Non-fat milk powder 10.5%
generally 21000 to 36000 per hour. The Sugar (sucrose) 12.0%
capability of the water ice products is about 20% Glucose syrup 5.0%
lower than that of the ice cream. The actual Additive 0.5%
capability is subject to some factors including: Total solid matter 38.0%
l Row number of the ice cream moulds Water 62.0%
l Quantity of ice creams in each row of Total 100%

Standard Design

Mould pan

The mould cup formed by frozen ice cream is welded to the circular rotating table and put on the salty water tank. The mould pan is made of stainless steel. In the standard mould pan, there are 16 mould cups in each row, and the quantity of mould cups is 16x126=2016. The maximum product thickness corresponding to 126 rows of mould cups is 24 mm. The mould pans in other specifications can also be provided (see “optional equipments”).

The mould pan of RM35 can produce the longest ice cream with the length of 144 mm (5.67”). The bar plugged in the ice cream or ice-lolly should be above the mould pan for at least 30 mm (1.18”).

Salty water tank

The circular salty water tank is composed of welded double-course stainless steel wall and the thermal insulating course is provided. Twoequipped with independent centrifugal pump. A temperature regulator is equipped to prevent the releasing equipment from working at too low temperature. The temperature of the hot salty water must be limited to below 25 degree at any time to protect the mould pan from too large thermal stress.

Main driving system

All the main functions are performed by the mechanism controlled by cam. The assistant functions and other functions needing limited power are controlled by the compressed air system. The speed of 35 the system can be 10 rows to 30 rows per minute.

Electric equipments

The electric equipments are installed in an independent stainless steel electric cabinet, including main breaker, breaker, protected motor starter, control relay to control heating, transformer to control voltage and timer.

Control panel

The operations are controlled by the control panel installed on the machine. All the functions are controlled by PLC. It is highly automatic. The control panel includes buttons, indicators, and digital displays to display evaporating temperature and temperature of cold salty water. The temperature of hot salty water  is controlled electronically and displayed on the control panel. A display which can display figure and number can provide the information for operation and diagnosis. There is also a sound alarm. If necessary, a large-scaleshould be provided.

Cleaning and sterilization equipment

To clean and sterilize the mould pan on the site, a cleaning equipment is installed on the supporting rail of the salty water tank. The equipment should be connected to water, steam and cleaning agent.

Cooling system

The primary cooling system does not include the evaporator used for heat exchanging of salty water. Ammonia is used as coolant. The secondary cooling system is a cold salty water bath system. The cold salty water is circulated with an axial pump. The distribution tank of cold salty water is made of stainless steel.

Defrosting system

The hot salty water is heated with electricity or steam. The used should choose one when ordering. The salty water is sprayed to the external face of the mould cup through spray nozzle system. The defrosting system is

computer communicating with the central control computer can be provided to substitute the standard PC (see “optional equipments”).

Filling equipment

The standard ice cream filling equipment is designed to be quantitive filling equipment in the type of drum, which is used to fill the materials from top. It includes a column pipe and a filling head. The filling equipment installed above can be exchanged.

Manual bar plugging machine

It automatically plugs bar into ice cream. The loading of bars are finished manually. It includes the storage box for storing bars.

Releasing instrument

The instrument includes a straight chain conveyor. 56 releasing arms with bar clamps are on the instrument. The clamps are made of hard metal / stainless steel. The release of product is finished through the downward moving of the releasing arm, and the product is transported to the packaging machine. The direct releasing instrument can be chosen (see “optional equipments”).

Chocolate coating instrument

The instrument is installed in the next step of the releasing instrument. It includes a chocolate soaking tank and a receiving pan with a scratching bar. The height of the chocolate soaking tank can be adjusted according to the requirement for height of chocolate coating. External chocolate tank and circular pump

Optional equipments

01 One-colored ice cream filling  instrument

03 Fill moving instrument

04 Bottom-filled one-color ice cream

05 Two-colored ice cream vertically divided filling instrument

06 Two-colored ice cream vertically divided “zebra pattern” filling instrument

07 Two-colored ice cream concentric filling instrument

08 Two-colored ice cream horizontally divided filling instrument

09 Independent one-colored water ice filling instrument

10 Ice cream filling instrument with the filling shell of water ice and the core of ice cream

11 One-colored ice water filling instrument. The products in each row (radial) are in two different colors (or three or four colors)

12 Two-colored water ice vertically divided filling instrument

13 Pencil filled ice cream filling instrument

14 Snow-mire water ice filling instrument, including charging moving instrument and filling stop instrument

15 Dry coated (with dried fruits such as nut and candy) ice cream instrument

16 Filling instrument for bottom-filled high-viscosity ice cream with additive

18 Pump station with chocolate tank of

100 L capacity, water jacket with electric heating and automatic temperature control functions and electric chocolate circulating pump. The tank is provided with moving castor wheel and connected to the hose of RM35.

21 Carbon steel or stainless steel storage frame for mould pan

22 Supplementary spare parts for two-year production

23 External salty water cooling plate heat exchanger

24 Communicating units communicating with central computer

25 Mould pan with different mould cups and row number configuration

26 Mechanically driven instrument to directly release to multiple packaging machine

Technical Parameter


Main drive 3 kW (4 HP) Cold salty water pump 11 kW (14.8 HP) Warm salty water pump 1.1 kW (1.5 HP) Chocolate receiving pan 0.8 kW (0.5 HP) Dry coating instrument 1.1 kW (1.5 HP) Vacuum pump motor 2.2 kW (3 HP)

Heating instrument

The heating of warm salty water can be performed through electric heating or steam heating. It should be confirmed when user ordering.

Maximum installation effect

Standard electric connection 3x380 V, 50 HzAC Rated load 180 Amps

Main breaker 250 Amps

-Steam heating mould releasing 20 KW

-Electric heating mould releasing 101 KW Low pressure steam 100 KG/H Maximum consumption in production 55~75% 150 L chocolate container 3 KW

Main power cable conforms to local specification. 

Pipeline connection

Pump circulation of salty water supply pipeline:

150 mm (DN 150)

Main inlet pipe of compressed air:

20 mm (3/4 ”)

The diameter of ice cream pipe is no less than the output diameter of freezing machine.

Salty water volume

6000 L/7700 kg

Consumption of compressed air

Standard machine 0.9 m3/min

Minimum work pressure 7 BAR Maximum dew point corresponding to atmospheric pressure +5 ℃

Normal working temperature Evaporating temperature -45 ℃ Temperature of cold salty water -40 ℃ Temperature of hot salty water +20 ℃

Cooling load

Maximum capacity of evaporator 325 KW 279000 Calorie per hour at -45 ℃


In the status of “ready to work” about: 24000 kg

Shipping data

Net weight 16350 kg

Gross weight 20500 kg

Volume 100 m3

Main dimensions

Total weight 3200 mm

Height of mould pan to ground 1660 mm Generally needed space from ground to ceiling

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